PERSONAL PERFORMANCE Customized Online Training & Nutrition Programming

Personal Performance LLC is a customized on-line personal training program with the individual in mind. We are committed to providing the knowledge and education of health and fitness to our clients and are dedicated to ensuring each individual reaches their fitness goals. As professionals we are passionate about health and fitness and are eager to assist our clients in achieving the benefits of a healthy and active lifestyle. Personal Performance LLC will make the necessary sacrifices to ensure our clients make a successful transition to a healthier lifestyle. We will supply the proper motivation and discipline needed throughout their chosen lifestyle or competitive program. Personal Performance LLC practices their lifestyle without the use of any performance enhancing drugs. In doing so, one is assured that they performing at their maximum genetic potential. Commitment, Dedication, Passion, Sacrifice, Motivation, and Discipline are the required fields needed by the clients of Personal Performance LLC to succeed in their chosen program. The success of our client's lifestyle transition is our main priority. Thank you for considering Personal Performance LLC as your customized on-line personal trainers.

What To Expect when Deciding To Prep For a Fitness Competition With Personal Performance.

  • Personal Performance is 100% ALL NATURAL. We do not advocate the usage of performance enhancing drugs, anabolic steroids, and/or growth hormones.
  • 100% COMMITMENT. What you put INTO your program is what you get OUT of your program. 
  • Eat Clean, Train Mean.
  • Whole Foods approach: Lean Proteins, Fruits, Vegetables, Complex Carbohydrates, Healthy Fats. Whole foods bring out the BEST bodies. Supplementation that is second to none and proven SAFE and affective, also approved by "Informed Choice".
  • Gluten-Free, Vegan, Vegetarian, Pescetarian, and Paleo Preps. 
  • Your nutrition is customized to you. Any intolerances, allergies, ailments, food dislikes, etc. are considered while creating your program.
  • Mandatory Check-Ins x2 Weekly
  • Weekly Progress Photos
  • Post Competition Replenish, Repair, and Balance Program

COMMITMENT: Not everyone will understand, want to understand, or agree with your goal to compete. They do not have to, it isn't their goal to achieve. Having support is very important and beneficial during preparation for a fitness competition. Keep people around who support your efforts and respect your goals. 

SACRIFICE: Proper rest is crucial when in competition prep. That means there could be nights that you may have to sacrifice staying out late with friends and/or family. This is all part of the game, especially if you take this goal seriously enough and want to do well. The is a temporary accomplishment that you are aiming to achieve. After you successfully complete this goal in competing, you will have the rest of your life to go out for late night adventures. Another common "sacrifice" is… "NO ALCOHOL". Many times if you are out with people who are drinking alcoholic beverages, you will often get targeted and/or harassed about not drinking as if consuming alcoholic beverages is the only way to "have a good time"…WRONG!! Let your friends consume the empty calories for you. Alcohol also disrupts your metabolism from working properly and will hinder any progress you are trying to make. 

DRIVE: There will be days that you feel less motivated than others- it's life in general. Life isn't always sunshine and rainbows 24/7 as much as we would love for it to be. Do not give up on yourself. Pushing through the harder days is what will bring you that much closer to your desired physique and goal. This is what will separate the CHAMPIONS from the rest. Once you push through a "not so motivated day"- you will always feel 100% better that you did it and continue to become stronger than you thought you were. Those are the days that matter most. 

FAITH: Have Faith not only in your prep and in yourself, but have Faith that you will journey to the very end and reach this extremely rewarding goal. 

Why is it rewarding?

Doing something that you have never thought that you could is accomplishing  and rewarding in general. Especially when it's something totally out of your element. Maybe you are shy, maybe you have stage fright, or you simply want to check this off of your bucket list, or maybe you want to challenge yourself and become in your most conditioned physique ever- POST BABY!! Whatever your reasoning may be, choosing to challenge yourself and to compete in a fitness competition is a rewarding experience in itself. While it is not your every day "Lifestyle" regimen, it is something to be very proud of doing as you are committing to a goal that will challenge your abilities in the gym and restrict you on only the whole foods and nutrition that you will need to feed you properly for your activity and goal, energize you, and keep your internal organs clean and healthy. 

"Tiffany and her husband are amazing coaches, and amazing people! Very knowledgeable, supportive, energetic, and passionate about helping others become the best versions of themselves that they can be. Tiffany is also fantastic with both hair and makeup! I would highly recommend them for anyone looking to become healthier and fit, regardless of your level of athleticism!" - Heather Dufresne


"Thank you both for being such a huge part in my second WBFF experience!!! I wouldn't have made it without you guys. Your training plan was wonderful! I appreciate the thoroughness of the meal plan - down to the time and servings of everything. That was such a big help and made it easier with prepping. My first time training, my trainer gave me a basic outline which didn't help as much because it didn't give me a good breakdown of everything. I loved having the detailed workouts with each exercise and how to pair up supersets or monster sets, as well as, being given the number of reps and adjustments for pyramid sets or drop sets. I had to look up a few things o YouTube, as was suggested, but the workouts were great. I'll still be adding them into my routine! Pro-Status hair and make-up was phenomenal! As organized as you guys were prepared to be, you did an excellent job adjusting and fitting people in as needed. The crew was awesome. I loved the outcome of my gait and make-up. I felt like a beautifully fit princess! ;) A friend said I looked like a Disney princess. I will totally accept that compliment! :) The availability of you both to talk to and ask questions, or for advice or just for a pep, was so helpful and I appreciated all of it! I felt my experience with Personal Performance LLC was wonderful and I would absolutely do it all over. I loved the preparation, the coaches, the girls on my team. It was overall an excellent experience and I couldn't thank you more." - Melissa Sholomicky

"Tiffany and Sean, I can't thank you two enough. My experience with personal performance was life changing. I have no complaints nor would I change anything about this program. You two taught me how to workout and more important how to eat. Since the show I added eggs in, I keep my carbs in my 3 early meals, and veg and protein at night. I feel really good when I eat this way, which is why I'm going to continue! You guys are just perfect together, you make such a power team and I'm grateful to have been apart of it! I can't wait for my next prep with personal performance! Thank you again!" -Nicole Nicolosi


"I don't even know how to describe my experience with Personal Performance besides that it was probably the most amazing/rewarding experience in my life! Although it was quite a battle sometimes it was definitely worth it! The encouragement and support from you guys and the team was WAYY more than what I had expected. The training kicked my ass everyday, there wasn't a day where I didn't feel like I didn't work out, lol. The diet did wonders to my body, and to think that I was scared of eating carbs in the past! Psh, smh. Can't wait to prep with you guys for my next show!! Love you guys!" - Jessica Rivas

"I cannot thank you both enough for helping me become a healthier, happier Nicole! lol. I cannot see my life changing from what it has become. Sometimes I think back about how I used to eat and workout and I am SO grateful you both are so amazing and helpful because it was rather unhealthy. I only want to improve myself and you both have opened my eyes on how to do that! I can't thank you both enough!" - Nicole Patruno

"I've struggled with my weight for over 20 years now and I have finally found a perfect program for me. This is a lifestyle change and I'm finally understanding that." -Raida


"For once in my life I can finally say I can't wait to wear shorts or go bikini shopping, I mean never in a million years would I ever lol, I mean that in the most humble way possible btw!" -Ashley D.


"I just want to thank you and and Sean for all that you have done and how you been there for me! You guys know how incredibly hard this prep was for me mentally with everything going on. I just want you to know how much it means to me how genuinely caring you guys are. You are two of the most amazing people I know! So thank you for all that you do! I love you guys!!" -Megan T.


"I don't even know where to start. I think I'm still in shock from these before and afters. I can't explain how blessed and grateful I am for you guys. I was at a point in my life where I needed to make a good change mentally and physically! And a change for good! I love how real you guys are and how understanding of what truly is an active and healthy lifestyle! It didn't happen over night but dedication and patience was key. This is definitely not over for me. This is just a start and you guys are absolutely the best. Thank you for all your help and guidance. You'll be hearing from me very soon." -Liz C.